Vigo in two days

A getaway to beaches and mountains

If you're only going to be in Vigo for a weekend, we suggest this trip to Vigo for two days during which you can discover the city’s most essential and emblematic spots.

DAY 1: Your first day in Vigo can start with a nice walk through the city centre, as suggested in the 60 minute route in Vigo. This route will take you from the shopping and pedestrian Príncipe Street to the Old Town, a tour of the architecture and history that will end in the lower part of town. At noon, you’ll find from traditional oyster sellers to numerous restaurants where you can try the local cuisine.

In the afternoon, a good option to discover Vigo in two days is a relaxed trip on the tourist bus. You can observe the city on the way to Samil Beach, a nice place for a walk in winter and to enjoy the sun in summer. Take the opportunity to see the incredible sunsets over the estuary, or if you prefer, you can return to the centre to watch the sunset from the Olive Tree viewpoint, in the Paseo de Alfonso.

DAY 2: If your first day was spent discovering the western half of the city and its beaches, you could use your second day in Vigo to explore the east part. The morning can start with a walk around the As Avenidas, next to the marina; this area is called the Ensanche, the city’s first expansion, and it’s where you’ll find many examples of Vigo’s stately architecture. Parallel to it, next to Alameda Park and along Rosalia de Castro Street, are excellent restaurants where you can stop for something to eat.

A good plan for the evening could be to climb up A Guía Mountain, to the hermitage at the top, and enjoy the views of the Vigo estuary: from the end of the bay of San Simón and the Rande Bridge to the Cíes Islands. If you come in summer or Easter, you can even take a boat to the Cíes from the Ría pier.

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Our forest parks are perfect for a family weekend in Vigo: you’ll find barbecues and tables for you to enjoy a fun picnic. Inquire about which of the forest parks in Vigo is closest to the area where you’re staying.

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