Turismo de Vigo

The roman village of Toralla, next to the beach of Vao, is the only one in Galicia that is completely uncovered and may be visited. The estate dates to the IV or V a.C. centuries and is composed by the family residence, the one of their relatives and that of the help besides the salt-mines that were exploited for business purposes.

It is a very important and unique estate, located on what was the private residence of the Mirambel family, that discovered it and donated it to their town. 

The visit to the roman village may be enjoyed especially during the months of July and August, for the beauty of its surroundings, and also because it includes theatrical guided tours that will transport the visitors to Ancient Rome: battles between gladiators, slave trade, wedding feasts…

Moreover, very close from there, you can visit the Verbum Museum at the beach of Samil. In it, you will see “EMPORIUM”, an interesting exhibition dedicated to the history of the maritime trade in Vigo, so it won’t be just sun and sand!

Dates and tour schedules: 7, 14, 21 and 28 of July and 4, 12, 18 and 25 of August 2016 until 20h. No prior booking needed."