The Bicentennial Monument

Silverio Rivas’s sculpture that reflects the light of the estuary

The Bicentennial Monument is one of the latest sculptures to become part of Monumental Vigo, a symbol commemorating the birth of Vigo as a city after the expulsion of the French in the Reconquista, more than 200 years ago.

It’s a 16 feet high, steel piece by sculptor Silverio Rivas that represents a symbiosis between the symbols in Vigo’s coat of arms (the tower and the olive tree) and the town’s current reality. Thus, each leaf of the olive tree is one of the parishes of the municipality. On the tree, like a crown, is the complete map of Vigo.

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If you like the work of Silverio Rivas, take a look at the monumental Porta do Atlántico in Plaza de América.

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