Visit Galicia’s most important trade fair

Conxemar is Galicia’s most important annual international trade fair, both in number of visitors and business turnover. To evaluate its potential, it’s sufficient to say that the Instituto Ferial de Vigo grounds had to be extended years ago because of this International Frozen Fish and Seafood Fair, which gathers five hundred exhibitors every year. In recent editions, the fair’s turnover exceeded 1,000 million Euros and it attracted over 25,000 visitors from around the world. Conxemar is a key element in Galicia’s fishing sector; the fair represents every aspect of the industry, from the extraction to the distributors and the storage.

Tips and recommendations: 

Conxemar always takes place in October, and its impact on the city is such that a month before it’s almost impossible to book a hotel in Vigo. If you’re planning on coming to the fair or just visiting Vigo in October, be sure ​​to book as far in advance as possible.

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