Coruxo Church

San Salvador de Coruxo, a Romanesque church

The Coruxo Church is an impeccable example of religious architecture in Vigo with beautiful skylights. Alongside the churches in Bembrive and Castrelos, the Romanesque temple in Coruxo is one of the best preserved in Vigo. The church of San Salvador was built in the 12th century; it belonged to the Benedictines until the 14th century and later became the parish church. Many of its Romanesque art ornaments have been lost: it retains three semicircular apses, but the windows of the central one were walled, thus covering the decorative elements.

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If you decide to spend the day at one of Vigo’s beaches, a visit to the small Coruxo Church is a must, as well as tasting the best fish and seafood from the estuary in one of the area’s traditional restaurants.

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  • Car. de Camposancos (Coruxo)