La Puerta del Atlántico (The Gateway to the Atlantic)

Silverio Rivas’s Gate in Praza de América Square

La Puerta del Atlántico is one of Vigo’s most famous monuments. This impressive architectural ensemble is a tribute to the Galician emigrants who sailed from the port of Vigo on their way to America. This work by Galician sculptor Silverio Rivas is composed of three blocks: the gate, which is in a fountain, and two other pieces, located at beginning of the Gran Vía and Avenue Castelao. The monument weighs 420 tons.

This fountain is where the fans of the Real Club Celta de Vigo celebrate the victories of their team, and a large outdoor festival is organised in that same square on New Year’s Eve.

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The Praza of América is one of Vigo’s largest squares, separating the city centre area from the rest of the parishes. This is where the neighbourhoods of Castrelos, Freixeiro and Coia begin, so you’ll probably have to pass through it if you’re moving around Vigo.

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