The Romanesque church in Castrelos

Our best preserved Romanesque church is in Castrelos.

The Castrelos church is the best preserved Romanesque temple in Vigo, alongside the ones in Bembrive and Coruxo. It was built in 1216 and has a single 65 feet long nave. Architecturally, it’s quite a unique church, due to the nave’s five windows and three beautiful round windows that illuminate the apse, which is accessed through a beautiful lancet arch.

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Castrelos is one of Vigo’s neighbourhoods with the most activities to fill your day. You can arrange a morning route visiting the church, the park and the city museum and then walk along the Lagares River route, which will take you down to Vigo’s beaches.

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  • Camiño da Corredoura (Castrelos)