1.     DOCUMENTS: I.D. card, passport, driving licence etc. or any other compulsory document or that you believe you may need on the trip. If you are coming by plane, make sure none of these documents is in the bags you check in.

2.     A LIST OF THE MAIN PLACES OF INTEREST YOU WANT TO VISIT: plan your stay if you want to make the most of your time. Find out about the timetables for museums, public transport, tours and any recommendations, and get hold of a city plan before starting out so that you can get to visit everything you want. We can help you; on this webpage you will find all this information, and much more.

3.     COMFORTABLE FOOTWEAR: Vigo has many walks and country hikes. Walking is also the best way to get to know the city centre and discover new places.

4.      ALL-WEATHER CLOTHING: the weather is unpredictable in Galicia and, despite the Rías Baixas having the best weather, it is advisable to bring clothing that you can put on and take off in ‘layers’ depending on what is needed. That means t-shirts, a couple of sweaters and a jacket or coat to keep the wind and the rain off and the cold out. Also bring something smart or formal to wear when enjoying a night out in Vigo and, if you’re coming in the summer, then, of course, don’t forget your swimwear!  

5.      A VEEERRRY GOOD APPETITE: There is plenty to eat in Vigo and prices are good, so come prepared to enjoy Galicia’s gastronomy.

In any event, holidays are for enjoying so keep calm because if you forget anything, shopping in Vigo is wonderful and you’ll find everything you want there.