Turismo de Vigo

During your visit to Vigo you will enjoy unrepeatable moments and places: sunsets, viewpoints overlooking the Bay, sculptures, beaches… Unique spots you will need to capture forever with your camera.

To help you create your album, we have selected 10 unmissable places to take a selfie to share with the world.  

1.- The O Castro fort: Leaning against the ancient walls of this viewpoint, you’ll be able to take one of the best panoramic shots of the city and the Ría de Vigo bay.

2.- The Olive Tree at Paseo de Alfonso:  Don’t forget to snap yourself by Vigo’s most famous tree, a symbol of the love and loyalty of the people to their city and part of its coat of arms.

3.- Monument to Jules Verne: It’s impossible to resist taking a photo hugging our most international literary ambassador or getting between the tentacles of the giant squid the sculpture sits on.

4.- Quiñones de León mansion: Feel like a marquis or marquise for a day at the gates of this 17th century Noble Mansionhouse, whose walls and gardens have witnessed centuries of our history.

5.- El Sireno: This is Vigo’s monument par excellence. It is the cross between a fish and a man that constantly looks out over the sea from the city centre. At 13m tall, you can shoot it at as many angles as you can imagine.

6.- Museum of the Sea Lighthouse: Located at the end of the breakwater at the Galician Museum of the Sea, with the sea and the Cies Islands as a backdrop. And if you happen to catch the sunset, you’ll have a photo that’s worth framing. 

7.- A Guía viewpoint: This viewpoint is presided over by the chapel of Our Lady of the Snows and the whole area is an impressive natural enclave to take your snaps from.

 8.- The Oyster Mongers of A Pedra: Tasting this prized mollusc is an unmissable ritual in Vigo. So you can’t leave without visiting the street called Pescadería and take away with you a souvenir photo with these expert oyster openers.

9.- The octopus of the Paseo de los Peces in Bouzas: A one-kilometre-long seaside walk through Vigo’s most seafaring neighbourhood among sculptures of fish, molluscs and our favourite cephalopod – the octopus! You can’t help getting your camera out.

10.- Dinoseto: This bushy tyrannosaurus is now so famous that it has its own photo-call. And even though it’s the kids’ favourite, grownups can’t resist taking a picture of themselves with what is known as the king of the selfie in Vigo.