El rapto de Europa (Europa’s kidnapping)

Oliveira's sculpture in Samil Beach

The sculpture of Europa’s kidnapping in Vigo holds a special place among all of Vigo’s monuments. Europa was a Phoenician princess, whom Zeus abducted while in the shape of a white bull. This mythological legend, timelessly depicted in art throughout history was the inspiration for this amazing work by sculptor Juan José Oliveira. It shows Europa riding the bull and waving the flag of the European Union.

This bronze sculpture is 23 feet high, weighs 1.5 tons and is a real technical achievement, projecting an amazing feeling of lightness by means of the outstanding figures’ cavities and hollow spaces.

We recommend you take a look at the magnificent works of Juan José Oliveira in Vigo, especially The Horses in Plaza de España.

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If you plan on spending the day at one of Vigo’s beaches, take the opportunity to see this monumental statue as you drive by: it's on Avenida de Europa (Europe Avenue) on the way to Samil beach.

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  • Avda. Europa