San Roque

Vigo’s most traditional urban religious celebration

During the San Roque festivities, every 16th of August, the milagreiro (miracle maker) saint turns the neighbourhood surrounding the San Roque pazo (where they keep its statue) into the largest urban pilgrimage in Vigo. The celebration maintains all the customs of traditional celebrations in the countryside, a romería (religious celebration in honour of a saint)

Every year, thousands of devotees gather in the vicinity of the Praza de España, in the neighbourhood of San Roque, to keep the largest pilgrimage in Vigo alive. Votive offerings are the most typical part of this celebration: the custom is to buy wax reproduction of diseased body parts to ask San Roque for a cure. The saint’s devotees guarantee that the 'holy milagreiro' is able to heal all ailments.

Tips and recommendations: 

La San Roque estate, an impressive castellated manor surrounded by a beautiful park, hosts the religious celebrations of this saint’s day, but you can visit it all year round. The pazo is private, but its beautiful exterior is well worth a visit.

If your stay in Vigo is around the 16th of August, we recommend you attend the romería (pilgrimage) and try some of the delicious octopus or grilled sardines served in the long tables set up for the occasion.