Vigo’s past and present

The city along seven centuries

Vigo’s historic buildings offer a voyage in time, from its past to its present. From the Old Town’s oldest building, the Casa de Ceta or Arines dated from the 15th century, to the groundbreaking College of Architects headquarters, this route through Vigo’s best architectural examples encompasses several centuries. It’s a comfortable walk less than two miles long, with interactive information regarding the buildings that will give you an overview of Vigo’s architecture, from the late Gothic to the latest constructions, through Eclecticism, Modernism and Rationalism, which have left their mark on the city.

The route begins near the cruise ship pier and continues up to the centre of the Old Town, where you’ll find said Casa de Ceta next to the Colegiata (Church). The route then enters the city through the Porta do Sol; a city that in the late 19th century expanded and grew thanks to the success of the local bourgeoisie. Policarpo Sanz and Garcia Barbón Street have numerous examples of stately stone buildings, like the Garcia Barbón Theatre from the early 20th century and by the architect Antonio Palacios, or the Sanchón building.

Continuing along the axis that is Vigo’s Golden Mile of architecture and entering the streets on your right you’ll find later architecture, like the small Rationalist building that stands in Portugal Square or, somewhat higher up in Urzáiz Street, the paradigmatic building of La Peineta.

If you go straight back on Urzáiz Street you’ll reach Príncipe Street, the city’s main pedestrian and shopping artery. It starts on your left, where you’ll see the Museum of Contemporary Art, an old jail and courthouse building with a unique radial shape. The other end of this street, heading towards the route’s starting point, is where you’ll find the new and acclaimed College of Architects headquarters. Its asymmetrical and fragmented windows and walls contrast dramatically with the stately architecture in the first part of the route.

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Tips and recommendations: 

Many of the most significant architectural elements are not at eye level, but on ledges or the tops of buildings. If you remember to look up from time to time you'll be pleasantly surprised.

The small squares on either side of Príncipe Street, behind the Museum of Contemporary Art and next to the College of Architects, are quiet places where you can take a break.

Many of the buildings on this route are museums and galleries that you can access free of charge; have a look at their architecture from within or at the always interesting exhibition options.

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Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

Practical information

Distance: Less than 2 miles.

Duration time: One hour and a half with stops.

Difficulty: Medium.

Type of route: Circular.